The potencial of naturopathic medicine

knowledge and experience since 1937

Homviora® – dedicated to naturopathic medicine

The interest in homeopathic remedies is increasing, as the side effects of synthetic medicines are rattling people.

Consequently treatment with natural substances seems to be even more attractive. For over 80 years HOMVIORA® is responsible for research, development, production and distribution of naturopathic medicines. The company started its successful story in 1937 in Luedinghausen under the name Hombiora KG Fischer. At that time, experienced naturopathic physicians joined together and developed a wide range of 140 medicines. In 1961 the company was taken over by a pharmacist, Dr. Paul Hagedorn.

He was always striving to bring his medical preparations to the state of the art according to new scientific evidence.

Living Responsibility

For Hagedorn was self-evident what was already then required by the pharmaceutical industry:

Ethics and responsibility!

He used the profits earned through HOMVIORA® for social purposes in the Third World. Hagedorn supported projects in Peru, Brazil and India, later also in East African countries, as well as in Argentina.

He worked particularly closely with Mother Theresa. He promoted her treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy not only with monetary contributions. Hagedorn further sent donations at the request of Mother Teresa, in the form of one million tablets in a single delivery to Calcutta.

In 1971, a new HOMVIORA® branch was established in Indian Koarapukur. Directly connected was a crafts training workshop in which young Indian men could learn turning and welding.

In the meantime it is essential for our internationally oriented company to continue the positive development and expantion through new authorisations in the EU and other Non-European countries.

Fit for the future

At the end of 1983, Dr. Günther Dierking took over the position of the managing partner of the company. After the death of Hagedorn he purchased the company and in the mid-80’s moved HOMVIORA® headquarters from Luedinghausen to Munich.

A big step became restructuring of production in the late 80’s: In order to optimally meet the increasingly demanding requirements and standards, the production of remedies was separated from the original but now no longer up-to-date pharmacy environment. With this important modernization HOMVIORA® became fit for the future. All original remedies from HOMVIORA® are prepared in compliance with the legal requirements. They are produced according to the latest pharmaceutical expertise. The mandatory control of operations guarantees consistent quality.

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Convincing through commitment

Under Dr. Dierking’s leadership the HOMVIORA® portfolio, which was based on the findings of the empirical medical treatment, was consistently customized. From now on, he focused on the naturopathic treatment of diseases of the joints and of the musculoskeletal system, heart and circulatory disorders, diseases of the digestive tract, urinary tract and prostatic infections as well as the treatment of nervous disorders.

Yet a trained doctor and gynecologist, Dr. Guenther Dierking was not from the beginning among the supporters of homeopathy and naturopathy. Rather, he saw himself as an orthodox medical practitioner. The experience with patients whom he treated homeopathically and naturopathically at their own request during his work as a medical practitioner, however, changed his attitude. “Over the years of experience, we have become convinced of the potential of naturopathy. We know its place and we know where its boundaries are. We can not do everything with it, but we believe that many diseases can be treated with homeopathic and with herbal remedies.”

At the same time, the original intention of the founder of the company was of paramount importance. As a result of his scientific interests and the very complex clinical studies, Dr. Dierking continuously tested the products for tolerability and efficacy. Numerous publications in prestigious magazines generated broad recognition. Through this remarkable scientific commitment to naturopathic medicine, HOMVIORA® developed into internationally recognized experts, particularly in homeopathic cardiovascular medicine. Year by year, the medicinal products found more and more followers. New authorisations in the EU and in other Non-European countries have become essential in continuing the positive development for the meanwhile internationally active company.

Source: Veit Köppler, Munich